Online Learning Agreement

The student receives an email when the AU coordinator verifies the online learning agreement. Apprenticeship agreements established for this semester as well as apprenticeship agreements for internships are now available via the old OLA platform. Students who exchange under the Erasmus programme starting in the spring semester 2021 have completed the Online Learning Agreement (OLA) form. Exchange students can find and view their online learning agreement on their UACloud virtual campus, but they can only fill out and modify it at certain times: in a study conducted in late 2019 – early 2020 – more than 90% of students said they would recommend OLA to their colleagues. In addition, 93% of IRO believe that all apprenticeship agreements should be concluded online through a user-friendly tool. Changes can be made to the courses listed one month after the start of studies at the host university. It is important to keep in mind that all changes must be agreed in writing, i.e.: That changes must be made to the e-learning agreement by completing the “during the mobility part” of your online learning contract and re-collecting the signatures of your department/study program coordinator, the university and the host. The agreement, duly signed, must be forwarded to the doctor specializing in international studies at the following address: As part of the credit mobility organization, students and university staff must enter into trilateral learning agreements that form the basis for the recognition of university qualifications acquired abroad. As indicated by the PRIME survey conducted by the Erasmus 2010-2011 student network, apprenticeship agreements are a cornerstone and at the same time constitute a major obstacle to the proper organisation of credit mobility. Indeed, the interlocutors are not clearly defined, the information necessary to implement the agreements is rarely available online and the possibility for students to change their apprenticeship agreement after their arrival in the receiving higher education institutions is 75%. In the same survey, some national LLP agencies proposed to create an online tool for the preparation, approval and revision of learning agreements in an online environment, and this is what this project intends to do. In recent years, we have seen how digital learning agreements can significantly reduce the administrative burden and provide students with a quality mobility experience.

In the past, the complexity of red tape has resulted in learning agreements not always being concluded before departure, as well as problems with ECTS recognition after students return home. OLA is a study agreement signed by the student, the University of Tallinn and the host university. The apprenticeship agreement includes courses that the student will study at the host university during his studies abroad. The document must be signed before the mobility period. The OLA is approved by the student coordinators of the Erasmus department at Tallinn University. More information about the various courses they have included in their apprenticeship agreement is available online on the Educational Guide website. See the course information guide. The apprenticeship agreement should include all the learning gains that the student must obtain during the exchange. The apprenticeship agreement includes a list of courses that students wish to study at the University of Alicante. In 2015, ESN joined the European Foundation for Higher Education (EUF) initiative, the Online Learning Agreement, which would develop a tool for students and universities that could be used online for the creation and signing of a learning agreement.

In May 2017, the OLA was created to demonstrate the concept of experimentation and adoption of higher education institutions. The EUF has launched another project, OLA, which has added new features to the platform, such as apprenticeship agreements

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